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EmotionCards 1&2

Trainer skill level: Fan
Group experience level: Low

EmotionCards 1&2

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Activity Our EmotionCards are small, solid, multipurpose photographic works of art. Anyone... more

Our EmotionCards are small, solid, multipurpose photographic works of art. Anyone looking at them makes their own instant associations. Personal experience and feelings can easily be put into words because they can be visualised. The cards can be used both for one-on-one work as well as in larger groups.

How It’s Done
Debriefing of learning projects: The EmotionCards are spread out on a table. Directly after finishing a learning project, you ask the participants to each take an EmotionCard that answer, for example, the following questions: “Which picture reflects a state you were in during the learning project?” or “What was helpful during the learning project? Which picture best reflects this?” In the next step, each participant presents his or her EmotionCard to the group. By doing it like this, you involve all  participants in the debriefing process. Even reserved and shy participants are easily integrated into the discussion. The EmotionCards make different perspectives and experiences accessible to all.

Some more suggestions, how to use the EmotionCards
Familiarisation: at the start of the seminar, you help participants to get to know each other in a creative way. Ask the participants to pick out one of the EmotionCards:
“Choose a picture that says something personal about you!” The participants then introduce themselves using the photos.

Eliciting expectations: with the EmotionCards you can draw out your participants’ expectations of your seminar. The participants select one of the EmotionCards that they feel answers the question: “Which picture represents where you want to be at the end of the seminar?” Go around the group and have the participants present their cards.

Feedback: you can use the EmotionCards for feedback at the end of your seminar. Suggested questions: “What was one of the most important outcomes for you and
which picture represents this outcome?” or “What have you decided will be your next step? What are you going to put into practice in your daily life? Choose the picture
that most represents this”. With the help of the chosen EmotionCard, each participant gives his or her feedback. Other suggestions for using the EmotionCards can be found in the instructions.

EmotionCards 1&2
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50 tarjetas con fotografías (tamaño: 21 x 14.5 cm.) e instrucciones.

Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.7 inches
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