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Visualising systems
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Coaching tool If, in your consulting and coaching work, you want to visualise and develop... more

Coaching tool
If, in your consulting and coaching work, you want to visualise and develop relationships in an outcome-oriented manner, then you will be interested in our new tool. It combines for the first time the concept of a tactile figureboard with a visual method of scaling. Developing targets and solutions can be very rewarding and, at the

same time, it becomes incredibly easy to make development steps measurable. The purpose of SolutionBoard is to make coaching work easier. Coaches need simple and flexible methods for visualisation, reducing complexity as well as opportunities for firmly focussing attention on outcomes and goals. SolutionBoard: the new dimension in consulting, coaching and supervision!

SolutionBoard ...
>> allows individuals and teams to physically represent how they perceive the situation or team structure >> encourages communication >> allows needs, feelings and wishes to be more easily accessed and verbalised >> facilitates flexible development >> reduces complexity and encourages holistic communication >> allows resources to be introduced >> makes existing patterns visible >> can be used for both work with individuals and for coaching several people


A particularly helpful form of intervention for achieving clear internal classification of the steps to a goal and highlighting inter-relationships in the system.


Scaling blocks:

for marking the elicited values on the scale.


are used to introduce resources, to delineate the different hierarchies, to represent special challenges, to demarcate the

figures, etc.



the flexible and free element. This is used to represent abstract themes such as illness, secrets, but also hidden resources that could suddenly appear.

Connecting cords:

for visualising inter-relationships, feedback loops, relationship networks, etc.

Participants (min/opt/max): No
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foldable figureboard, detachable foam elements with 19 figures, 4 scaling blocks (various colours), 6 pedestals (various colours), 1 ball, 10 connecting cords (5 colours), 1 detailed instructions manual.

Dimensions: 21.7 x 11.4 x 4.3 inches
Weight: 10.12 lbs
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