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FacilitationBalls 1&2

Trainer skill level: Fan
Group experience level: Low

FacilitationBalls 1&2

Conversational Pacemakers
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For use as a Coaching tool: new Dimensions of asking Every trainer, coach and manager... more

For use as a Coaching tool:

new Dimensions of asking

Every trainer, coach and manager knows that there is an art to asking the right questions! They focus attention and ‘magnify’ the topic of the question. The FacilitationBalls act as ‘language you can touch’.

For use as a Feedback Instrument:

The periods immediately following the end of a learning project are important occasions for the participants and the trainer where feelings are reflected upon and conclusions drawn. The review gathers momentum ... but only when it is steered in the right direction. The FacilitationBalls provide invaluable support to help you structure this review. You simply throw a few balls around the group and whoever gets one of the FacilitationBalls says something about their experiences, based on the type of ball they receive. Then this person throws the ball to someone else and another person with a different ball is next to speak. In this way, the review really gets going. The FacilitationBalls are also very effective when used at the end of a workshop for an authentic and lively closing round. The balls are thrown around the group according to a specific system and each participant has the opportunity to say something of importance to him/her. You can of course give your FacilitationBalls the meanings that you consider appropriate. Here are a few examples:

Facilitati onballs 1

Key: “A key insight for me was ...”

Heart: “I experienced/felt ...”

Open hand: “I was supported by …/What helped me was …”

Fist, thumb up: “I particularly liked ...”

Foot: “My next concrete steps will be …”

Camera: “The new perspectives for me are …”

Brain: “I have learned/understood that …”

FacilitationBalls 1&2
Participants (min/opt/max): 1-30
Time (not including review): 15-60 min
Space needed: eine Hand
Themes & Outcomes:

Feedbackinstrument CoachingWerkzeuge


14 weiche Kunststoffbälle, 1 Stoffbeutel, 1 detaillierte Anleitung.

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 11 cm
Weight: 1.584 lbs